Wedding in Denia – Sanne and Roemer

We all met each other in Amsterdam in their home town. Because I am always in Amsterdan in the month of December it was great to have our Meet and Greet there. They were so excited and happy co-organising their BIG day, I say co-organising because Sanne’s parents Puck and Jos own a house in Spain and did a lot of organising for them.

The most awfull thing happened a couple of months later, Sanne got diagnosed with Cancer and all that happy organising had to make place for chemo’s and medication and everything that comes with it. I must say I haven’t seen anybody before with such a good sense of humor in that situation. The wedding date stayed the same,  it was a fact,  it was going to be one of the best days in their lives together! And it was indeed!!

The day of the wedding started with me taking prep shots of Sanne in Los Angeles Hotel in Denia, she was soooo chilled and relaxed and when her dress maker, coutourier Django came in the room,  it was all laughter because both of them have a good sense of humor and having them together in one room well you get the idea. Django, is very well known in Holland as he won the first program of  Project Catwalk and since then with lots of hard work he’s doing what he does best for a living!

After Sanne’s prep I went to Roemer’s room and he wore a  suit of Hans Ubbink . He got ready with his brother, both looking very smart.

The ceremony was held outside of the hotel and their friend and fathers speeched which was lovely and very personal. After that is was cake cutting and photos.

They had a gorgeous meal outside followed by good music and lots of partying.

See some of the photos below, hope you like them!


Sanne and Roemer I wish you all the best for the future, it was honor for me to be part of your Big day! Sanne, all the best with getting better as I am certain you will, your positivity, sense of humor and fighting spirit is the best remedy!

Lots of love xx Sheri

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